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How We Started...

It all started in 2015 when Joe decided to build a porch swing for us in South Carolina.  We pulled some scrap wood out of the dumpster and Joe built the swing you see to the left.  It was a marvelous swing and Jen being the entrepreneurial mind she is, decided for Joe that "We could sell these!" and thus started Henkel's Wood Shop. 

Over the years, Jen continued to garner work with the exclamation of "It's my retirement plan for him!" commissioning Joe to make most of the items you see on our page.

When we moved, Jen was still looking for a job. With her business mind she thought, why not sell signs to supplement lost income.  And thus the birth of the signs and crafts part of our business!

As Joe's time in the military came to an end, he started to proclaim "I'm ready to do this full time". So, now here we are, retired from the Military and building our business.

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